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These small dwellers of the understory specialise in digging up the roots of crystal flora. Their front legs have become muscular, shovel-like appendages to dig up mycelia, and their beak is elongated as to probe through soft dirt. They are able to tolerate the toxins of orpiments and most of their descendants, and thus have gained exclusive access to the nutrition of these flora. To hide from predators, they will dig simple burrows to take shelter in. They also have another defense against predators: the toxins from orpiments and other toxic flora build up in a venom gland in the abdomen. Any predator that eats the abdomen will soon learn the consequences, subsequently becoming very ill and most likely dying. It has also developed a bright pink leg fin as a warning signal to predators of its toxicity. Its active, root-hunting lifestyle needs some breaks in-between, so this creature has evolved to be crepuscular, coming out of its burrow to eat at around dawn and dusk.