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Mineraluitestans are a phylum of Binucleida commonly known as "crystal flora." They have hard chitinous shells, which are usually photosynthetic, and soft inner cores, which they most often use for detritivory.

The term "crystal" in their common name "crystal flora" refers only to their shape. Crystal flora do not refract light like real crystals, and their interior is usually opaque.


Class Mineraluitestopsida

Basal Crystal Flora which have one or very few large photosynthetic crystals.

Class Stellacrystalopsida

Moss- or shrub-like crystal flora with many small crystal leaves.

Class Geometracrystallopsida

Unrooted, slow-moving Crystal Flora with long crystal "arms".

Class Coloniamopsida

Crystal Flora with vastly exposed fungal core.

Class Ganntuopsida

Deep-sea Crystal Flora which photosynthesize using the dim light of hydrothermic vents and produce sulfur instead of oxygen.

Class Petrolignopsida

Crystal Flora with mineralized, bone-like trunks.

Class Cuccellopsida

Non-photosynthetic crystal flora which are well-known for encrusting dead organisms in large numbers.