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In the shadows of tall flora, a new species split off from the Crystal Peridot. Despite its name, the Rubyshroom does not focus more on being a detritivore than its ancestor; it is simply named for its appearance. As it retains the genes for red pigment, it has switched to such, allowing it to absorb green light filtered down from the green crystal leaves of taller flora as well. It now has exposed fungal core, creating a stalk—the purpose of this is to expose short specialized spore-producing roots, allowing its spores to be carried short distances by wind or, where they exist, passing fauna, though it retains subterranean waterborne spores as well. Its stalk is somewhat protected from desiccation by thick cell walls, which are also responsible for holding the Rubyshroom upright. It buds less often than its ancestor did, as it has less need to do so.