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Hogtroks are one of the more unique omnivores of Glicker. They are the sole spreader (other than the weather) of rotpods, and for a good reason. The venom sac in the abdomen now has a diaphragm similar to a lung, along with pores that reach into venomous spines on the back. When they are agitated, the diaphragm will shoot the venom out of these spines. Even when it’s not injected into an organism, it can still agitate the joints. When it makes its way into the bloodstream, however, it can lead to a very painful death. To warn predators about such a danger, its whole body has taken on a brighter pattern, including its already pink leg fin.

While it mainly eats soilpods for their nutrition and rotpods for the poison, it has also developed a more active lifestyle, and needs a new food to support it: meat. Hogtroks have adapted what would be their now useless digging claws into claw-like weapons. These raptorial arms are used to grab or pin down prey, allowing the hogtrok to more easily kill its prey by slicing into the joints with the beak.

Like its relatives, Hogtroks now face the problem of infection. This has led to it convergently adapting tougher, armored skin around the mouth and the cloacal sphincter.