Goblin Jewel

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This organism has become far more suited for plant-killing than the orpiment jewel has. It usually goes after medium and large-ish plants that the orpiment jewels cannot kill. It kills its prey by plunging its quickly-growing roots into the plant using enzymes, and then injecting lots of toxins into an unfortunate plant. When its host is dead, it will absorb it with digestive enzymes. Its reproduction is also more efficient, as its quickly growing roots can span long distances to sprout, thus granting it access to the savannah, where food is more sparse. The juveniles will go from using photosynthesis, to killing small shrubs, and then finally maturing into an adult that can kill plants many times its height. These plants, along with Orpiment Jewels, create a "Forest Rebirth" scenario, in which enough time passes between the Jewel's spread that more foliage is seeded in their wake, as to keep food in the area and give the Jewel's offspring enough time to mature.

Due to its toxin sac being low in its body towards the roots, it is more susceptible to being eaten by sentrok and other such organisms. Instead of being a travesty, the arrival of Goblin Jewels may be a heyday for herbivores.