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As some orpiment jewel buds were just hardy enough to avoid digestion, a variety of orpiment jewel began producing hardened lumps of root in order to survive digestion better. Rootfroot was the result of this. When a new rootfroot grows, it first starts as a reddish lump, and only starts growing into a mature crystal “leaf” after a month. This reddish lump of exposed root is very attractive to swinetrok, so it is usually eaten. When in the stomach, this dense lump will release a molecule that acts as a laxative. This allows it to pass through the stomach with enough material left to start growing from the nutritious dung. The rootfroot produces many buds in its lifetime, but is most fertile during the wet season. Its size varies from around 25 to 55 cm depending on where it's grown, but they usually stop growing at a moderate 40 centimeters.