Tigris Dagger

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In a time of rising herbivory, this species has developed a new method to deter predators. Its original waste system has developed an additional chamber for creating toxins, which are pumped to pores on its surface by long capillaries. In addition, its once rudimentary poison has become a bit more complex. It now includes nauseating, nasty-tasting and neurotoxic proteins. It also has warning colors in the form of bright yellow and brown stripes.

Because of its newfound ability to pump its poison to its surface, it has forgone its former lifestyle of aggressively poisoning the flora around it, and usually only pumps poison into the ground to deter other orpiment jewels. The way it tells when an orpiment jewel is nearby is based on whether the roots pick up molecules of orpiment jewel toxins. When it detects this, hormones will be released, causing the immune system to activate and the dagger's poison to be rerouted.