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Purpleblade split from its ancestor, initially following the islands of fertility made by triplet purplestem into more open habitats. Long, thin leaf appendages minimize heat absorption and water loss. The anchoring "root" system is more fibrous and entirely underground, maximizing nutrient and water uptake from the soil. Spores are microscopic and have differentiated into macro- and micro-gametes, with microgametes produced at the leaf tips and macrogametes being retained on inflorescences that grow during the rainy season. The inflorescence grows tall and thin from the apical meristem, with appendages at the end covered in gametes which grow into spherical, 5-mm-wide "seeds" after fertilization. The seeds are young individuals that have a thin coating which breaks down upon contact with moist soil. When fruiting is over, the inflorescence falls off and normal growth resumes.