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The Kralstalk descended from a population of kralptus that moved into the savanna and tropical scrub. They have doubled in size due to the larger amount of nutrients. Their growth habit has changed. Instead of producing two crystals on every third segment, they will produce whorls of eight crystals on the uppermost segments. This increases the amount of photosynthetic area. As the kralstalk grows taller, the bottommost crystals will grow old and fall off, leaving notable crystal scars.

In addition to this, all of the kralstalk's foliar crystals are capable of producing spore sacs. However, instead of containing gametes, they produce thick-coated spores that are impervious to drying, greatly increasing their lifespan. These spore sacs are filled to the brim with spores, and will burst during the wet season. Kralstalk populations will release their spores simultaneously in order to maximize the chances of two spores coming in contact with each other. These spores will then settle down and produce a mycelial root network, which will then produce the stalk using whatever nutrients it can gain from the surrounding detritus.