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Scavenger  +
Adult: Detritivore; Larvae: Filter-Feeder (10-100 µm), Detritivore  +
Carnivore ([[Sentrok]], [[Centaurok]], [[Hoppok]], [[Catbug]]), scavenger  +
Photosynthesis  +
Photosynthesis  +
Photosynthesis  +
Herbivore ([[Rooted Leafstars]])  +
Filter-feeder, photosynthesis  +
Photosynthesis, Filter-feeder (<1 mm)  +
Photosynthesis, Filter-Feeding (<5mm), Omnivore ([[Wright Nautstars]], [[Flutterwyrms]], [[Binucleid Rope Algae]])  +
Photosynthesis, Filter-feeder  +
Photosynthesis, Filter-feeder (Juvenile, <150μm; <Adult, 250μm)  +
Photosynthesis, Consumer ([[South Polar Photosagnia]], ''[[Binucleusphotoedo rami]]'', [[Darwinian Photosagnia]], [[Globanitros]]  +
Detritivore  +
Photosynthesis  +
Filter-feeding, scavenger  +
Photosynthesis  +
Photosynthesis, Detritivore  +
Photosynthesis  +
Adult: Herbivore ([[Shrub Gazebos|Shrub Gazebo]] leaves, [[Crystal Fortress]] leaves, [[Terra Grove]] leaves, epiphytic [[Tallstrand Crystals]], [[Windcrystals]] reproductive roots and seeds) ; Larvae: Filter-feeder (50-150 micrometers)  +