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The Acropard replaced its ancestor within its range. It is an ambush predator which relies on stealth to sneak up on potential prey such as the Centaurok. Its spotted body and striped back make it difficult to spot as it lurks through the purple grasses. It is incredibly strong, much stronger than its ancestor, and is generally successful in decapitating its prey with the combined strength of its jaws and forelimbs. Its jaws have been modified and sport a set of self-sharpening carnassial-like spikes, which shear right through meat like a pair of scissors.

The Acropard is solitary, rarely meeting except to breed. It does not raise its young, only tolerating them in its territory until they start to become large enough to actively compete with their parents for food. When two males are to meet, they will attempt to intimidate one another; if neither leaves, they will fight. Females, having to be tolerant of their own young, are less likely to fight one another, but nonetheless will still attempt to intimidate trespassers.

The Acropard is otherwise much like its ancestor. It can “blink” by rolling its eyes, it can feel itchy and has the instinct to scratch, its facial markings play a role in sexual selection, and it is ovoviviparous.