Ageo Steeples

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The Ageo Steeples have expanded into freshwater from the Salty Marsh, quickly diversifying and spreading throughout the rivers and watersheds of Drake and Ovi. They concentrate silica only into their central stud, providing it with structure and deterring grazers from feeding on their perennial base. The shape of this dome depends on the species, with polar species having shallow domes and temperate species having larger and taller domes. The edge of the central dome produces fronds, which can quickly grow to full size and fully replace old or damaged fronds. These fronds vary in form and density by species. They will hibernate over winter and regrow their fronds each year. Their fronds provide shelter and food for fauna in the area.They reproduce utilizing spores, which will be distributed by currents or caught on fauna to be transported to new areas. They can live anywhere from 5 to 20 years and on death will leave their abandoned studs. Without their roots to hold them to the substrate, they are liable to being swept away by currents. This can result in high silica stones and sediment being created, which serves to support the growth of silica utilizing microbes and flora.