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The Ambrejalaalo (plural Ambrejalaalo) are numerous species descended from an Ambrecandela which entered the Ovi Tropical River and rapidly diversified to inhabit all the brackish and freshwater of Wright. They range in size from 8 to 16 centimetres, with their body forms varying greatly from species to species. Tall bodied species are common throughout the tropics, while stockier species are more common in temperate areas and flatter species are more common in polar regions. Polar species tend to undergo a hibernation period to overwinter, as light is absent for part of the year and their food sources also go into hibernation.

The lights the tentacles produce range in color from species to species, creating faint lights pulsing in the waters nightly. This pulsation serves to draw in small fauna to be captured by the tentacles and then brought into their interior cavities to be digested. In addition to photosynthesis and filter-feeding, they have taken to omnivory. Their tentacles are the only portions of their bodies that retain motility, and are coated in a paralytic toxin. This toxin may be absorbed into the body on contact, and although it poses no threat to large organisms. It is enough to paralyze the small fauna of Wright's waters, particularly the Wright Nautstars, whose soft skin has little defense.

Reproduction in Ambrejalaalo species is much like its ancestor. Its method of reproduction depends on environmental factors such as available light, water temperature, and nearby individuals. For all species favorable conditions require the presence of other individuals of its species, while temperate and polar species also require a species specific light level and water temperature. These favorable conditions trigger the production of gametes which will undergo genetic fusion and develop into new adults. In unfavorable conditions, free swimming juveniles are produced. These juveniles rely exclusively on photosynthesis, and will search for an adult to undergo sexual fusion with.