Algae Cish

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Descended from a small population of shallow water Coral Cish, Algae Cish have a remarkable adaptation: cartilaginous hooks on their tentacle-jaws which act as teeth. Along with their close relatives, the Algae Cish are the first members of the subgenus Dentibrachium, named after their tooth-tentacles. Algae Cish themselves are relatively unassuming, with each individual being around half the length of a Coral Cish. However, Algae Cish fulfil an unusual niche: they specifically target Asterfolia, specifically Rooted Leafstars. Algae Cish use their teeth to "unroot" Rooted Leafstars. With their adaptations to shallow water, Algae Cish also have the brain of most cish, being able to use the orientation of their contemporaries' fins in order to warn each other of danger. As leafstars continue to propagate across Sagan 4, the Algae Cish's future looks very bright indeed.