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It Me! CACK!

Reproductions of this BALBASARIO PRODUCTIONS TERRITORIAL CLAIM are strictly prohibited, thank you, thank you, and another thank you. We think.

(this space to be filled with stuff, gradually)




Melanosagnia - A more mixotrophic Twilight-dwelling photosagnian that is also a sort of spiritual successor to the black flora


Geletaventrian Coproworm - A commensal worm that eats dung.

Common Ikoslite - Another worm that ended up way too much like a trilobite.

Stalkstar - Anemonestar on a stalk and it lives in groups. Interestingly enough, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Coolsteph, this means you!

Common Naelk - Is it more like a krill, or a herring? You decide.

Boring Mudworm - A rather unfortunate name, but this one bores into crystal plants instead of 'boring' you half to death!

Dixon Ikoslite - An ikoslite that moves up a layer into the coast of Dixon, as the name implies!

Coastal Litusfoi - A litusfoi with a shiny new gut and eyes (well, technically photosynthesizing organelles, but whatever)