Boring Mudworm

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The Boring Mudworm is a descendant of the Mudworm that adapted to access the nutritious flesh within the shells of crystal flora. Its most significant adaptation to this end is the production of an acidic secretion from a series of glands located along its underside. It uses this secretion to bore into crystal flora, allowing it to feed at its leisure. With the small caltrop crystals, it employs a slightly different feeding method, wrapping around the 'trunk' of the crystal and secreting its acidic slime. Although this process is fairly slow, there is a comparatively large payoff, and so the adaptation is evolutionarily affordable. It has redeveloped a flattened lower surface for easier locomotion, and its limbs have become broad and flat to help int scale crystal flora without falling off. It is somewhat dorsoventrally compressed, which, combined with its light green coloration, helps it escape the notice of would-be predators.