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A population of Barnaclestars in East Glicker Tropical Coast developed adaptations which enabled them to anchor themselves to the seafloor, becoming the Stalkstar. The Stalkstar's most immediately noticeable adaptation is its long holdfast, or stalk, which exist to anchor it to the seafloor and prevent it from drifting away with the current. This stalk has several root-like branches near the bottom to further keep it in place. It is somewhat rigid, yet flexible, a condition that is achieved via the use of a collagen-like protein. It also now has a third pair of arms, which facilitate the collection of more plankton and particles. Additionally, its filter-feeding bristles are more dense than its ancestor. It has lost its ancestor's attaching baits, having no more need of them with its new niche.

The Stalkstar now also grows in groups, with sometimes hundreds of members each. In this way they make up for their relative lack of defenses compared to the Shellstar, with which it cohabitates. It also now reproduces sexually, releasing clouds of spore-like gametes into the water. It can still, however, reproduce by fragmentation, but it does not do this much anymore.