Dixon Ikoslite

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The Dixon Ikoslite split from its ancestor by moving to the Dixon Tropical Coast, where it found no shortage of food — as well as no shortage of enemies. To protect itself against the latter, it has rows of spikes extending out from the edges of its segments. It is larger than its ancestor due to the increased levels of food in its new environment. It is also wider than its ancestor, and it has a noticeable widened head segment. It is colored very light grey to blend in with the sand of Dixon Tropical Coast. It has better eyesight, and it is now able to detect shape and even color to a degree. However, it still relies primarily on its sense of smell to find food. It lays large numbers of externally-fertilized eggs, which the female lays in a burrow dug out with shovel-like mandibles. The young resemble smaller versions of the adults and have similar habits. Other than all of this, it is basically the same as its ancestor, habitually living in small groups and feeding on decaying matter.