Common Ikoslite

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Some Common Knightworms living in the Twilight regions of LadyM adapted to fill the niche of benthic scavenger, becoming the Common Ikoslite. It is now more dorsoventrally flattened, and its antennae have more of a sideways orientation on its head, and it also has a pair of pincer-like claws to handle its food with greater dexterity. It also has a smaller pair of 'antennae' near its mouth, to direct food toward said orifice. The Common Ikoslite sports twelve pairs of small walking legs, little more than muscular tubes, with two pairs on each segment with the exception of its cephalon and telson segments. It can also now completely curl up into a protective ball, exposing its slightly lengthened spikes and making it more difficult for predators to get at.

It spends its life crawling along the seabed, sometimes in small groups of 5 to 8 members, using its strong sense of smell to detect detritus and corpses on which to feed. It also opportunistically feeds on any living organisms it finds; however, to avoid competition with its ancestor, it tends to feed on more 'animal-like' organisms such as Barnaclestars and Thornworms.

Other than that, it is mostly the same as its ancestor.