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The slooíde has split completely from its ancestors and has completed a journey that has brought them to the wide and barren landmass of Wright. They live primarily in the leaf litter of the tropical rainforest, hiding in the shade and only being active in times of high humidity. The live on and around wright caonach as a source of water, food, and shelter. They live simple, rapid lives, only living for roughly a year. They reproduce when the rain is heaviest, depositing their young in pool of standing water formed in the soil and around caonachs. They will hatch and grow quickly, eating decomposing plant matter until they reach a size capable of retaining moisture. When not active or when threatened, they will retreat into the soil, exposing only their hard shell. They have adapted a small nerve cluster within the crease of the shells that are able to detect humidity, which tells them when is the best time to open back up.