Wright Caonach

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The Wright Caonach split from their ancestor, adapting to a fully terrestrial lifestyle. They live in virtually the same basic lifestyles, clinging to surfaces and growing where possible. They will form a mat under virtually any condition, so long as there is access to moisture, sunlight, and nutrients. They have arisen on the beaches near the tropical forests of Ovi, and have quickly on a geologic timescale spread to all environments on Wright. They have formed a ring species, where the populations of Eastern Orpington, Eastern Drake, and Southern Dixon are incapable of breeding directly with each other, but the populations along the center most areas of the continent provide limited genetic exchange between them.

Map of the range of genetic exchanges between the populations.

They are found all over the continent, growing in rapid bursts, growing like a mold on every available surface when the conditions are met. During times of scarcity, they will form a crusted over shell that provides moisture and nutrient retention. They grow mostly underground, and slowly exchange material with the neighboring colonies. Their spores are inefficient in their spread, still requiring water to do so, but are able to spread with just a small amount. During rainstorms, caonachs will release as many spores as they can, maximizing their chances.