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Splitting from their ancestor, the Violetpalm has managed to adapt more of a structure with the development of large vacuoles in its cells, along with some early lignin which simultaneously helps to protect it from harmful UV radiation to survive as lone shoots or in clumps along the beaches of Dixon. While some have remained along the sandy regions of Seal Marsh, others have spread out across the vast white sands of the coastline, soaking up sun in a mostly unoccupied region.

They mostly live further inland along the beaches, sticking to the dunes and beyond, so do not compete directly with their more distant Violet Mat ancestors.

Reproduction now involves sexual budding, where the palm will begin to shed old material from its tuft to be blown across the beach until it makes contact with another member of the species, thus facilitating the production of buds to form near the tuft. These will then fall off once fully grown, and split into airborne spores to find more room to grow, being taken by the wind to eventually find a place to settle.