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As the violet flora of Ovi grew taller, an arms race ensued. One product of this was the skynotch. These tall flora are more specialised for competition with other flora, and have thus doubled their size. They prefer full sunlight, as they only have a few pink-colored leaves to photosynthesize with. They have a tall and flexible central stem that allows them to withstand harsh weather. Deeper roots help to anchor their tall trunk, and allow them to collect more water and nutrients from deeper in the soil. Their taller central reproductive stalk gives them an advantage in spreading their zoospores and zygote spores. Similarly to their contemporaries and ancestors, their more woody stalk reduces water loss through the outer stem tissue, allowing them to venture into drier regions. They have a more constant growth pattern, and constantly grow fairly quickly in order to beat their previously mentioned competition.

They are some of the first organisms on Wright to start making large forests or groups, but they are slightly more picky about where they live than the vylicad. They are also not nearly as competition-tolerant, leaving more mature skynotch woodland with skynotches mainly of only one height. The fact that vylicads often sprout underneath them makes it even harder for new skynotches to grow in a dense forest, which factors into the pressure for a long reproductive stalk.

Other than this, they are somewhat similar to their ancestors, retaining their efficient reproductive method and general anatomical features.