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The Ringill has developed the start to an endoskeleton. The body has become segmented, and at the end of each segment, a ring of cartilage forms the structural attachment for its muscles. The area around the mouth has a flexible covering, which opens to reveal the radula. The radula has developed to have more developed denticles, which give it a wide range of food options. The radula has 8 denticles which can move semi-independently, allowing the Ringill to grind up its food.

The Ringills' reproduction has also developed. Females have now developed a specialized chamber for the eggs to stay in between conception and release a few days later, which lets the mother continue to eat without risk of ejecting its young through excretion. This also allows the mother to control where and when to release the eggs. She can delay the eggs' release an added 2 days until she can find a location to release the eggs. The eggs are laid on violet flora fronds which will hatch within a week into nearly bilateral young.