Tallahassee Fringeweed

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Tallahassee Fringeweed has gone in an interesting direction in terms of body plans. Instead of its single stem being raised vertically with its fronds sprouting out from its edges like its cousin, the Tallahassee has decided to flip the directions. Its stem is essentially an exposed portion of its rhizome. Its fronds grow up from the stem up to a meter tall, and its stem grows to 2 meters long in one long cord along the seabed. Large fields of Tallahassee are laid out on mostly parallel strips as they rarely cross one another's paths. Reproduction is done through metagenesis. The sporangia are produced on the exposed rhizome. They are released into the water to form microscopic gametophytes for sexual reproduction and will yield a viable sporophyte if the zygote lands in sandy or finer substrate. They grow in subtropical and tropical waters of the Vailnoff Ocean around Dixon, Fermi, Talon, and Orpington.