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Detritustar split from its ancestor by specializing in the detritus-rich sediment of coastal and shallow waters. It is smaller and less predatory, focusing more on immobile and dead organisms. Due to its shallow seafloor habitat, it is restricted to the waters surrounding Drake, Wright, Dixon, Fermi, and Orpington.

Its bait cells are fewer in number and elongated at the ends of the arms, reducing filter-feeding capacity in favor of long whiskers at the ends of its arms, which have differentiated in use. On 2 arms, the whiskers are specialized to aid in swimming while the other two serve to help the arms direct food into its mouth. Reproduction is unchanged from its ancestor, with mating via interlocking anal fingers upon encounter with other individuals regardless of sex, and live birth. Despite living in murkier conditions, the photoreceptors still help with orientation, food location, and predator avoidance.