Photosagnia Luculentus

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Despite living a similar life to the ancestor it replaced, Photosagnia Luculentus has spread into new areas with very little competition and has increased its size slightly. It still gathers in clouds near the surface to photosynthesise in tropical and temperate regions, however, the clouds are now much larger, with some reaching sizes as great as 1 km across. The greatly increased size of the clouds helps the organisms protect against feeding by Cerberesi and Carparmo, as they are able to survive much longer, allowing the propagation of new clouds by Photosagnia Luculentus that drift away. Due to its high adaptability, much like its ancestor, it has quickly taken to life in the much more barren Vailnoff sea as well as several of the surrounding coasts, as it is spread by the ocean gyres and their currents.