Melter Detritis

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With lots of dead crystal flora and little that can eat it before it’s broken or knocked over due to its outer shell, a new genus derived from the three-kernel detriti arose. Trikaryocrystallovorus spp. are distinguished from their ancestor by the development of a new enzyme which can break down the mineralized portions of crystal flora, including both the outer shell that makes up the crystal itself and the bone-like trunks of the crystal bush and its descendants. They have developed electroreceptors, which are used to determine if the flora is alive or not; they only attack dead flora, as they would be swiftly digested otherwise. Like its ancestor, it also scavenges for detritus and dead organisms in general, regardless of evolutionary origin. They come in many shapes and sizes well suited for any environment where crystal flora are present—even in the digestive tracts of other organisms. Like their ancestor, they have 3 nuclei.