Red-Tailed Shovelface

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Split off from its ancestor, the Red-Tailed Shovelface evolved alongside its main food source, the Perfectogon Crystalmat. It is very similar to its ancestor, but much larger to exploit the exponential growth of the Perfectogon Crystalmat, which would otherwise go completely unchecked in the sunny tropical and temperate waters. Like its ancestor, it is incredibly tolerant of others of its kind due to the relatively low competition for their aggressively-growing food source.

To assist it in consuming Perfectogon Crystalmats which have crept up crystal flora in the region, the Red-Tailed Shovelface’s limbs have advanced with greater length, more segments, and a set of claws, and additional extensions of the exoskeleton surround them for support and protection. Its fin limbs are also shortened and the fins themselves are better-shaped and enlarged to help it move or ascend quickly or escape from predators which would otherwise devour it. Without long polar nights to kill off its food, the Red-Tailed Shovelface does not hibernate, unlike its ancestor.

The Red-Tailed Shovelface is otherwise much like its ancestor. It uses the size of its spikes and luster of its crystal butt to attract mates, it digs under its food with its shovel-shaped face to access the edible fungal core, and it lays thousands of eggs which are dispersed by water.