Freshwater Shovelface

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The Freshwater Shovelface split from its ancestor to pursue its crystalmat diet into the watershed, and it is exactly what its name suggests. It keeps the otherwise-uncontrollable growth of the Tritessellate Crystalmat in check, preventing the rivers from being overrun with this aggressive crystal. With the even closer proximity caused by living in freshwater habitats, the Freshwater Shovelface is even more social than before, actively travelling in groups for the next mat to devour. Its new habitat doesn’t necessitate swimming so much, so its fins are slightly smaller and its crystal butt notably thickened.

The Freshwater Shovelface is much like its ancestor. It uses the size of its spikes and luster of its crystal butt to attract mates, it digs under its food with its shovel-shaped face to access the edible fungal core, and it lays thousands of eggs which are dispersed by water.