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Originating within the depths of the Barlowe Temperate Woodland, the bladebark has split from its ancestor and grown in size, becoming one of the tallest flora in the region. While quite similar to its ancestor in many ways, it has now evolved a distinct trunk, which is covered in a thickened layer composed of dead cells. This hardened structure not only helps to support this increase in height but also helps the bladebark to retain water and ward off desiccation during the dryer parts of the year. However, because of this, the trunk is far less capable of performing photosynthesis, and the species must rely more on its blades to perform it, and has thus evolved to grow significantly more to compensate. Despite this mild cost, these adaptations have allowed this species to flourish and begin to form small forests throughout the woodland regions.

Reproduction is mostly the same as it was with its ancestor, though the temperate climate allows for a longer breeding cycle to be taken advantage of. During these fruitful times, these florae will extend their inflorescence high into the air, nearly doubling their height in some cases. The resulting "seeds" are light enough to be dispersed into the air and be carried on the wind, where they will inevitably settle down after some time. Should the landing site prove fertile, they will quickly take root and begin to grow, whereupon they will hopefully one day repeat the process themselves and continue the species.

Since its evolution, the bladebark has also begun to spread into the southern regions of Barlowe as well, whereupon it has begun to encounter several other large floral species that have already established in those regions.