Riparian Purpleblade

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The Riparian Purpleblade split off from its ancestor and went to live along rivers and streams, where it grew tall in the abundant water. With wet conditions and flooding being a more frequent occurrence here, it itself has also become quite abundant, as this assists its reproduction greatly. To avoid young individuals breaking out of their seeds immediately upon falling around their parents, the “seed” coating is much thicker and takes longer to break down. As a result, water distribution has a much greater chance of occuring and carrying the young individuals away, so they don’t compete with their own parents. Due to the greater amount of water available for reproduction, it retains its inflorescence year-round; to prevent the restriction of normal growth by this, it has secondary growth nodes along its inflorescence for growing more leaves. This secondary growth mainly happens far below, to prevent the leaves from interfering too much with seed distribution.