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The kramboo split from its ancestor when a population moved into the forests of Glicker. They particularly settled into a patch that was cleared by goblin and orpiment jewels. The resulting detritus granted their spores access to a large amount of nutrients, giving them a foothold in the forests.

The kramboo thrives in spaces cleared by the orpiment and goblin jewels and tend to dominate early successional forests, as their rapid growth allows them to outpace that of the petrolignum trees. Kramboo stands tend to be incredibly dense, with individuals often being less than a meter apart.

The kramboo's method of growing crystals has changed once more, with their crystals protruding from each segment in a whorl of four. In addition to this, all crystals are capable of reproduction. This redundancy allows them to reproduce even if the top whorl has been consumed. In order to counter predation further, the kramboo has developed the ability to rapidly regenerate lost tissue. However, this increased growth also shortens its lifespan, and once a stand ages and dies, the few crystal trees that have been growing within take their place due to their ability to shade out the young kramboo shoots they now tower over.