Clouded Kramboo

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Clouded Kramboo branched off from its ancestor as the Glicker Cloud Forest formed and replaced its ancestor in its range. It faces competition from the Clouded Treecrystal which also joined it in the Cloud Forest, and has thus only been able to double its maximum height to stand at 12 meters tall when full grown. Its growth has slowed significantly in the montane climate, with each stalk growing far longer than their ancestor. Without the clearing actions of the Goblin and Orpiment Jewels, the Clouded Kramboo needed another way of eking out a space in the forest dominated by the towering Clouded Treecrystals. It has begun to produce runners from its roots, shooting out many meters from the parent to find clear soil in which to grow. These runner roots are able to spread in between the roots of Clouded Treecrystals, stealing nutrients from them simply due to their proximity. Large groves of Clouded Kramboo can form clusters around the Clouded Treecrystals trunks, such that on the Treecrystals death, through natural means or Kramboo-caused starvation, the rotting Treecrystal can leave a ring of Clouded Kramboo. Although the Treecrystals still tower over the Kramboo and relegate them to mid-story plants, through their clustering they can help create small clearings of only Kramboo. They are otherwise much like their ancestor, reproducing through spores from quickly regrowing crystals