Greathorn Sentrok

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With the rise of such predators as the chkarsher and its kin, some sentroks split from the mainline and evolved defenses to protect themselves against them. One such split is the greathorn sentrok, which is immediately distinguishable by its namesake, a large, singular horn that protrudes from its forehead. With said horn, it is able to fend off attacks from would-be predators and, during the mating season, allow males to fight amongst themselves for the right to mate with females. In conduction with this, they have also evolved an even thicker exoskeleton, though this has resulted in a reduced capacity to outrun most other creatures. They have also evolved prominent thumb spikes. While these are very efficient for manipulating food, they can be utilized for jabbing into soft parts — such as the eyes — of any predator it should manage to grapple.

Due to the threat of predation, the greathorn sentrok now roam in small herds of around eight to twenty individuals in groups composed primarily of the slightly shorter horned females. Males tend to be solitary, creating and defending their territories which are often defined by the abundance of food and ease of access to resources such as fresh water. Because such territories are incredibly valuable, they must always be on guard in case a challenger seeks to take it over. Younger males, typically no more than a year or two old, will remain in the herds until they are sufficiently big enough, after which they will be forced out. The only time that they might encounter them again, outside of chance, would be during the mating season, which typically begins once the seasonal rains have ended and floral life begins to flourish in great abundance.

Outside of these notable physical and social changes, the greathorn sentrok is very much like its ancestor in regards to its feeding habits, which consists primarily of various crystal flora.