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To make forests more forest-like came the Treecrystal, which splits off from its ancestor to fill taller tree niches focused less on detritus and more on sunlight. The tree crystal developed a more efficient way of growing its branches—rather than form them from old roots, it simply grows “roots” dedicated to the role of branches on top, giving it a much more typical tree-like appearance with many more branches, many even small and twig-like while carrying disproportionately large crystals as leaves. It has likewise atavistically lost the ability to turn old roots into branches, but it still grows new roots the same way as before, resulting in it having quite the tangle further down—which coincidentally also helps support its new proportions. Although it is mainly found in forests, it is also an infrequent sight in scrublands. It is otherwise much like its ancestor; it is a mixotroph, its trunk is made of a bone-like material, and it reproduces using airborne spores.