Waving Pseudosi

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Splitting from its ancestor, the Waving Pseudosi uses specialised pseudopods covered in tiny branch structures to filter the water for microorganisms, waving them back and forth to filter more water. On the other side of its body, another group of specialised pseudopods are used to stick the organism to a solid surface, where it can remain anchored to prevent predation and to stop itself being moved by the current. They often stick themselves to Crystal Shrubs, using currents drifting around them to catch more microbes. In order to prevent themselves being digested by the shrub, they have become able to absorb the enzymes released by it and repurpose them. When not anchored to any surface, they use their sticky pseudopods to walk along the seafloor, while still waving their filtering pseudopods, in search of a place to anchor to. They may walk across colonies of microbes while searching for an anchor point, consuming them as they go. If a macro organism moves between its waving pseudopods, they will immediately snap around the organism in an attempt to consume it using absorbed enzymes.