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The Centaurok is a cursorial herbivore, built to flee from attacking predators such as the Acropard. Its four carefully-arranged eyes have oval-shaped pupils, giving it a wide field of view to watch for danger. The inside of its mouth is not fully chitinized, and it can chew using a tongue-like radula pad on its jaw. It chews by grinding its crystalline food between radulae coating its tongue and the roof of its mouth. The radulae are comb-shaped, and each tooth-like "bristle" of the comb is serrated and leaf-shaped like the teeth of a terran iguana. It has cheeks, which prevent food from falling out of its mouth as it chews. It uses its long arms to pull down Kraltree branches to eat from, somewhat like a terran therizinosaur or ground sloth.

The Centaurok is viviparous, and the female’s gonopodium isn’t fully fused. This allows it to stretch it open to give birth to larger young which can run very soon after birth. This is important for ensuring some of its offspring survive. It does not engage in parental care, but it is somewhat social, often travelling in loose groups which also incidentally provide added protection from predators such as the Acropard. Juveniles may join these groups, but they typically just travel with other juveniles instead.

The Centaurok’s leg fins are greatly enlarged, serving for communication as well as being a health indicator when choosing a mate. It is otherwise much like its ancestor, being able to feel itchy and using whisker-like structures on its antennae to feel up a potential meal or mate. Its facial markings play a role in sexual selection.