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The Kraltree split off from its ancestor. It developed the ability to branch; as it grows taller, branches sprout from its stalk. Its branches similarly grow their own branches eventually, though the frequency decreases with age, and they follow the same pattern of having a whorl of 8 crystals on each upper segment. With so many foliar crystals thanks to this, its reproductive ability is greatly boosted. Its stalk now contains more chitin, though not of a photosynthetic variety, which helps support its large size; it also performs some amount of secondary growth, which smooths over its scars and helps keep it strong enough as it grows taller and taller. Like its ancestor, each of its foliar crystals produce spore sacs containing thick-coated spores which are impervious to drying out. These burst simultaneously with those of others in the same population during the wet season, and fertilized spores germinate in the ground and produce a mycelial network; once enough energy is obtained from detritivory, the sapling will begin to grow.