Binucleus Crystal Shrub

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The Binucleus Crystal Shrub is a descendant of the Binucleus Stella Dodecahedron. Like its predecessor it comes in many colors and lives off of dead organisms, sunlight and absorbed minerals. Its fungal core collects the minerals and dead organisms whilst the photosynthetic outer layer lives off of energy gained from the sun. The outer layer creates support and protection for the fungus whilst the fungus handles the circulation and provides some added protection with its digestive enzymes. It is slow growing like the Binucleus Stella Dodecahedron. The picture is of a deep living Binucleus Crystal Shrub. It got a red color because of the lack of light. The Binucleus Crystal Shrub can live in conditions without any light and like Stella it turns black if it is in an entirely dark environment. Binucleus Crystal Shrubs have larger root systems but cannot reproduce via the root system.