Binucleus Stella Dodecahedron

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Binucleus Stella Dodecahedron is part of a larger family of Crystalline Micro organism that stems from the symbiotic relationship between Binucleus Icosahedron and Binucleus Truncated Icosahedron. The Mega Binucleusphotoedo Truncated icosahedron Evolutionary line improve its cell walls making them thicker to protect itself form Protomancerxia Parasitica and other parasites. The thicker cell wall also protected the Binucleus Truncated Icosahedron from the Binucleus Icosahedron enzymes. Slow growing but has no real competitor because its think outer shell and deadly enzymes. Many Binucleus Stella Dodecahedron have several color pigments depending on where they live. The most remarkable examples gain a rainbow color and its color shifts with time. The deeper living Binucleus Stella Dodecahedron tend to be more red in color whilst those living close to the surfaces gain a more green tone. Those that live at the lowest depths are almost black lacking all other color pigments.