Longarm Pseudosinia

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Much like its ancestor, the Pseudosinia uses specialised structures to filter microbes from the water. Unlike in its ancestor however, the pseudopods have become large, permanent structures, and it has grown tenfold in size. In order to best survive as a unicellular organism at such a significant size, the Pseudosinia has a very thin body, with its 'arms' being almost paper-thin. The organism will wander the seafloor, waving its filtering projections around to capture food. Upon finding a suitable location, the Pseudosinia will anchor itself in place indefinitely using its specialised gripping pseudopods, which will then fuse into a structurally permanent holdfast. Its larger size helps it escape predation by most predators, though large creatures like the Protodevoratori are still more than capable of consuming it. When anchored however, it generally proves too difficult to consume, as it is stuck to its surface and can resist being pulled away.