Violet Mat

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Retaining about the same cellular structure and makeup of its ancestor, the Violet Mat, despite the name, actually lives as both free-floating and colonial mats throughout the temperate coastlines of Dixon.

Over the last few million years, the colonial structure of Rectangulogania has been improving to the point that they permanently clump together as colonial structures now across the entire coastline, photosynthesizing together and in some cases even slightly extending small, thin stem-like structures from the main colonial body.

Their resilience has allowed them to persist not just on land, and they have taken tentative steps towards colonizing Seal marsh as well, living on the banks of the brackish river mouth, though they still do not have the capability to live in true freshwater just yet.

Furthermore, they are one of the first Photosagnia (Kingdom) to form primitive, undersea mats which, while only around half the size of their terrestrial cousins, do still accumulate along the shallow regions of the Dixon coastline, though are not as widespread due to competition from both the Wormstem and Carpetesta taking up floor space.