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The Bowpalm has adapted to its fluctuating temperate environment through various modifications. It has developed a simple wood from its lignin and simple vascular system. The wood is of moderate hardness, and its outer layers form a somewhat banded shape which forms stacked rings along its trunk. Its canopy is made up of two long conical fronds, which sprout long flat ribbons from its underside, some of the first leaves. In the center of the canopy is a large bulb used for reproduction. To deal with cold winters, the Bowpalm enters a dormant state. Specialized compounds produced at the onset of winter limit and slow freezing to reduce damage, and the ribbons underneath the Bowpalm’s fronds will die and fall off each winter to regrow in spring.

Reproduction relies on rain events. Zoospores are produced in the main bulb, which will drift to new bulbs following rain to then merge and grow gametophyte bulbs. These bulbs will send out their gametes the next rain and then produce a zygote bulb to then release the zygotes on the final rain to then find moist soil to germinate in. Reproduction occurs each spring, and by fall a new Bowpalm will have grown to just under a meter in height. It will take 4 winters to grow to full height, and once that is reached, it can live for about 20 years.