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A view of the mouth of a Vicewyrm.

The Vicewyrm has expanded its range into the temperate waters around Drake and the subtropical waters of Dorite. Its endoskeleton has become fully ossified with each ring connected to one another by flexible cartilage rods. It’s gills have become fused into its body, reducing drag as it swims. Its primary prey are Hedgestars and their descendants. Their large lateral mouth parts are adept at hooking onto the Hedgestar under their defensive spikes. The Plated Hedgestar provides a challenge in its smooth plates and curling behavior. To counter this the Vicewyrm will hold the prey with its pincers and attempt to crush the prey with its grinding plates. Reproduction is much like that of its ancestor, utilizing their anal tentacles to copulate and mating taking place each spring. Females produce hundreds of eggs with each matting and will bury their eggs in multiple nests throughout their area. The eggs will hatch in 2 weeks and will take 6 months to reach adulthood. They can live anywhere from 3 to 5 years.