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This tall browser is a resident of Barlowe. To avoid predation, they have acquired several adaptations. They have striking disruptive coloration, making it harder to find the creature’s head. They usually group up in herds of 3 to 5, making it hard to tell which one is which. Furthermore, their antennal setae now appear across the body, modified to be sharp, flexible spines that irritate predators' mouths. Their longer legs allow them to make a faster escape, in order to get away from predators. Their posterior eyes have enlarged more, their front eyes being nearly vestigial. These large eyes give them a 360 degree field of view. They can no longer bend down and only feed on tall flora, using their small and derived arms to handle food. This specialization has forced them to get an intricate but efficient digestive system, with multiple different chambers similar to a terran cow.