Tritail Steeple

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The Tritail Steeple has found the Dorite Sea scarce in floral competition and as such can reach a maximum size of 25 centimetres in diameter. Much like its ancestor it utilizes silica to form its stud, which serves as a nutrient storage structure for the organism. Along the stud's edge will sprout multiple fronds, each frayed into three fronds at their ends. These fronds will regrow each year following winter and upon being overly grazed or damaged. Silica granules are present throughout these fronds to deter grazers but are in far fewer quantities than its ancestors. This reduction is a result of the longer growing seasons of its new habitat and the rapid regrowth of its fronds. Reproduction takes place each fall with the broadcasting release of waterborne spores which will fuse with other spores and then drift to new substrate where they will begin growing. They can live upward of 15 years, reaching full size at 5 years old and sexual maturity at 3 years.