Waving Steeple

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The Waving Steeple has entered into the Dorite Sea via the passage through the Drake-Orpington Temperate Sea. The move into Subtropical and Temperate waters has allowed it to grow far larger than its ancestor. Much like its ancestor they still utilize silica to build their central stud and to build the spheroid supports in their chain fronds. These spheroids have become reduced in size and now serve only to deter grazers. The presence of silica utilizing microbes allows the Waving Steeple to live in all substrates, even those naturally poor in free silica. They have expanded into the marshes on the southern coast of Drake, taking control of vast swaths of previously un-colonized marsh bed. They have developed a waxy cuticle to resist desiccation during low tide events. They reproduce in the same way as their ancestor, reproducing through waterborne spores which are released to swim, find another spore to fuse with, and germinate in fresh substrate.