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A diagram of the internal structure of a Scrollcone.

The Scrollcone has expanded into Drake’s temperate regions, adapting to plains, savanna and woodland environments. Its frond has been modified into a wrapped leaf, with each leaf growing around the central cone. This cone utilizes silicon as a reinforcing structure, but has developed the structure into a latticework so as to reduce the amount of silicon needed to grow the central cone. It lives in a close relationship with silica utilizing microbes living intermingled with their roots and soil. This close proximity provides the Scrollcone with the silicon needed to construct its cone even in silicon poor environments. Its leaves are supported by chitinous fibers, which provide structure while allowing for flexibility and rapid growth. The leaves are regrown each year and will die and be shed each winter to prevent water loss as the Scrollcone goes dormant inside its cone. Reproduction is much like that of its ancestor, with airborne spores being produced on the underside of its leaves. These spores still require moisture to remain viable when dispersed so spores will be released in spring following rainstorms. They will reach full size in 2 years and can live up to 10 years. When they die they leave behind a hollow cone. Areas where they are prevalent tend to be littered with dead cones.