Fanned Cryocone

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The Fanned Cryocone has increased the size of its spiral frond to increase its usable photosynthetic area, Its frond grows from its base and forms a large fan shaped end at the tip of the cone. The cone itself is much thinner and taller than that of its ancestor. It has developed a cuticle layer to prevent desiccation and mitigate the effects of freezing. It reproduces much the same as its ancestor, utilizing waterborne spores produced on the underside of the frond. It reproduces in the presence of water during rain events and snow melts. Breeding takes place in spring with germination of spores occurring shortly after. They will reach full size within 2 years and can live for another 5 years afterward. With the assistance of silica utilizing microbes they are able to build their silicon structures without relying on living in naturally high silica environments.